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      3. NI Services

        NI complements its industry-leading products with services from experts around the globe to help you achieve your goals. Whether your challenges are simple or complex, you can maximize productivity and reduce costs with NI training, technical support, consulting and integration, and hardware services.

        Services to Ensure Success

        Hardware Services

        Fix maintenance costs, simplify logistics, minimize downtime, and manage life-cycle changes with NI hardware services.

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        Technical Support

        Get started with NI products faster or troubleshoot tough issues by contacting NI applications engineers who are ready to help by phone and email.

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        Training and Certification

        Gain the skills you need to develop powerful and maintainable applications with NI training. Validate your expertise with NI certifications.

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        Consulting and Integration

        Rely on the extensive network of NI Alliance Partners and systems engineers for assistance with prototyping, feasibility analysis, consulting, and systems integration.

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        A National Instruments Alliance Partner is a business entity independent from National Instruments and has no agency, partnership, or joint-venture relationship with National Instruments.