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      3. Packaged Controllers

        Packaged controllers are high-performance, rugged, stand-alone systems that combine customizable software with powerful processing and I/O for any measurement, control, or monitoring application.

        packaged controllers are designed for use in hazardous, industrial, and extreme environments
        Packaged Controllers for Real-Time Systems

        The CompactRIO and Industrial Controller are packaged controllers designed to help you create real-time, stand-alone applications. Both products feature a user-programmable FPGA that you can program using the LabVIEW FPGA Module.

        Rugged and Industrial Options for Harsh Conditions

        Packaged controllers include options that are intended for use in hazardous environments. The Industrial Controller is particularly recommended for use in extreme conditions.

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          Platform Modules and Controllers

          Platform modules and controllers integrate with modular hardware platforms that allow you to combine different types of modules in a custom system that leverages shared platform features. NI offers three hardware platforms—CompactDAQ, CompactRIO, and PXI—though all platforms may not be represented in this category.

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          Integrates a multi-core processor with modular I/O, standard peripheral connectivity, and display capabilities.

          Feature Highlights:

          • Platform: CompactDAQ
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          Combines a processor running NI Linux Real-Time, a programmable FPGA, and modular I/O with vision, motion, and display capabilities.

          Feature Highlights:

          • Platform: CompactRIO
        • Stand-Alone or Computer-Based Devices

          Stand-alone or computer-based devices either integrate with standard desktop and laptop computers or allow you to use them without the need for other modular hardware.

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          Offers high levels of processing power and connectivity for automated image processing, data acquisition, and control applications in extreme environments.