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      3. Automotive

        A new era of mobility is upon us. Overcome the pressure of rapidly changing test requirements by using an open and easily upgradable platform that is designed for test system flexibility.

        Test the Vehicles of Tomorrow Today

        Critical trends in autonomous vehicle technology, vehicle electrification, and the connected car are presenting new test challenges beyond the here and now. The quickly evolving technology landscape increases the pressure on any test schedule and requirements. With NI’s flexible platform-based approach, you can own the test system IP and make changes quickly rather than relying on a third-party vendor. Work with NI to overcome the pressure of these rapidly changing test requirements using an open and easily upgradable platform designed for test system flexibility. Then you can test the vehicles of tomorrow today.

        Featured Content

        Webinar Series

        Test the Vehicles of Tomorrow

        Test teams must deal with aggressive program schedules and rapidly changing requirements involving new technologies in the automotive industry. Explore these on-demand webinars to learn how you can future-proof your test systems and increase your test coverage.

        Automotive and Tech Industries Converge


        As the automotive industry advances, engineers must integrate two very different test methodologies to ensure safe vehicles.


        Automotive Research User Handbook


        Discover how researchers and industrial partners are delivering on the innovation needed to change the world of transportation.