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        • Careers at NI

        Why Work at NI?

        NI has more than 7,100 employees worldwide. It is professionally and conservatively guided by an experienced and highly respected executive management team, including two original co-founders and many officers who started their NI careers more than 15 years ago. Thanks to this team, NI has a long track record of growth, a well-diversified business landscape of more than 25,000 unique customers worldwide, and a wide variety of products to offer most major industries. Great management and historical growth has made NI a stable workplace that offers many attractive characteristics and benefits.

        All positions are at the Austin, Texas headquarters unless otherwise specified. For positions outside the United States, please see ni.com/niglobal.

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        "I wanted to find an interesting job where I could put to use the skills I acquired as an engineering student. I did not want a job where I’d be a simple programmer, executing other people's specifications. Instead, I wanted to find a place that would allow me to grow my skill set and grow as a professional."